Alternative Chat Web Sites to Have a Good Conversation in 2020


Tinychat is a video chat room website to talk to strangers


TinyChat has been online since 2007. Not much is known about what is happening behind the scenes at Tinychat, but that did not prevent the website from rising strongly in the Alexa ranking! In the chat rooms there are usually Hundreds of people each online, so you can quickly find someone to interest you.

Alternative Chat Web Sites for App in 2020 year

What is Tiny Chat ?

The format of the website can be characterized as a webcam group chat rather than a classic roulette chat, but in the broadest sense it is still a random chat. And since it is well made and quite popular, we think it belongs on our ranking! Connect to the webcams of the entire chat room and have webcam chat contact with several participants at the same time! Private messages to individual participants are also possible. Tinychat loads briskly, and the chat language is usually English.

Tinychat ranks among the top 100,000 at Alexa and has a broad base of returning users. Tinychat’s recipe for success is simply solid, free service without much fuss.

TinyChat Review

Alternative Chat Web Sites for Perfect Conversation: 2020


Bazoocam is not only among our top 10 but also among the top 100,000 on Alexa. Traffic has been a bit hit for about half a year, which is not only due to the launch of several new websites in the “Chatroulette format”.

There is also a certain SPAM problem on the website: about 10% of the webcams have advertisements or other “fake” content. With a more thorough moderation, Bazoocam would certainly have a larger audience again.

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Bazoocam Review

Thanks to the horoscopes that will be the best chat site of 2020: YuyyuTV


Among the best of 2020, we already see YuyyuTV. YuyyuTV has an interesting feature. Yuyyutv uses your horoscope to match you with someone new. Everyone has an idea about the horoscope. YuyyuTV is the best option to find the right person to chat for you. In addition to these features YuyyuTV also offers an easy use. Don’t you want to find the right person for a random chat? YuyyuTV will find the right person for you.

YuyyuTV Review

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