How to Pick up Girls with Only Words? The Art of Pick up Girl on

pick up girls

The Art of Pick up Girl on

pick up girls

Some techniques were developed in a research on internet. According to the these techniques girls like some features on men. And they want somethings from men. Do you wonder the details? Here the details : 

How can I pick up girls easily on chat site?


The biggest problem of matchmaking goers is that they do not know what to write in their intention to meet.

Since this first message will determine whether or not to accept the request to meet, the words to be chosen in the sentence to be established must be prepared very carefully.

Lloyd Price, the marketing director of Badoo, the world’s largest dating site, shared some important points about these matters. He said: “We’ve found the Holy Grail of flirting,” and the key points that increase the chances of success in dating through the chat sites.”According to the Price, there are some important points that should be definitely known.

Rule number 1: Be sure to mention the lips of the girls to whom you want to meet! It may seem odd to you, but according to the research, women are more likely to accept the desire of men to meet, who say good things about their lips.

Tips to pick up girls on chat web sites like

Pick up Girls

Brazilian, French, Italian and American women enjoy compliments, especially about their clothes, instead of their lips. Of course, while doing so, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that some of your clothing appears in the profile photo. Otherwise, your trick will be understood immediately.

According to the other details, British women like to be praised about their legs. So if you are talking to a British lady you should definitely focus on her beautiful legs!

If the woman you are interested in is of Dutch or Portuguese origin, you can start with the beauty of the woman’s ears.

So if you want to catch a permanent and continuous success on this area, you should be careful about your words. Good luck!

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