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The formula of a good relationship

Today we wanted to talk about a good relationship building matter. If you want a powerful relationship, here the secrets. We are starting.

Building relationships means sharing a lot of things with the other person. Expressing emotions and understanding the other party’s emotions is a skill job definitely. For a good relationship, one has to know himself / herself first. The person who knows himself is aware of his behaviors, emotions and thoughts.

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One of the main problems in relationships is that one feels unclear. This is a communication problem. This problem can sometimes arise from not recognizing oneself, sometimes from expecting the other person to understand it. It is not possible for the other party to understand it without you expressing the situation you see as a problem. 


It is very important for a good relationship to be explained and understood. This requires both being open in the relationship and listening skills. This applies to both parties. As sharing increases, the relationship becomes more robust and healthy. new online random video chat site to find girl and boy for relationship

love yourself

For a healthy relationship, one has to love himself first!

The most important relationship you have established is the relationship you have with yourself. It is not realistic for one to expect from someone else what he cannot give to himself. Unless you show compassion, value and care to yourself, you can expect the other party to give it to you. Such a relationship will not be a healthy relationship. ‘Who can give us what we cannot give ourselves?’ 

A person who does not love himself cannot truly love another person. We can only give someone as much love as we give ourselves. In this case, if we do not love ourselves, we cannot love another person as he deserves. Your relationship with nobody can be better than your relationship with yourself. new random video chat site for serious relationship

It is also difficult for a person who does not love himself to feel the love towards him. If you don’t feel that you deserve to be loved, you won’t believe that someone will love you. It is not enough for others to love us. To love ourselves is by turning inside and realizing our thoughts about ourselves and working on them.

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Everyone chooses what they think they deserve. If we think we deserve to be loved, we pick people who love us. If you do not value yourself, and often criticize, the person you choose will be a person who will treat you like this. “What do you deserve?”

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This content updated on 29.05.2021

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